Amalfi Coast: The bonboniere of Italy #travel #Amalfi #Italy #photography


The Almalfi coast is my favorite place in Italy. The winding roads barely give room for one way traffic, let alone two. The views are incredible and the colors of the flowers blooming year round are breathtaking.


Known for the humungous lemons used in making Limoncello, the trees are everywhere, infusing the air with their scent.


Have a seat, take a load off, and relax with this view.



The City of Naples #travel #Naples #Italy #photography


Spaccanapoli in Naples, the main promenade that gives access to the major tourist attractions,  traverses the historic sector of the city. The name, meaning Naples Splitter,  was given due to its length and if viewed from the air, seems to cut the city in two.


This picture was taken in the underground Sotterranea, some forty meters under the city. Take a tour when in Naples. The history of the place is incredible.


Excerpt from Harmony by Nia Markos #amwriting #UrbanFantasy #YoungAdult #RRBC #RWISA #IAN1


He found himself back on the island he had left a little over a week before. The terrain had not changed. Bleak and overcast, the valley he arrived in was rain-soaked and frigid. As far as his eye could see, the Sidhe army spread out across the landscape. Prepared for battle, dressed in armor, they stood at attention facing the sea. They would remain in that alert position until their king or general issued orders.

Elron looked around for Asher, his king. In the distance, he saw a large tent situated on the hill rising above the valley. That was where he needed to go.


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All Roads Lead to Rome #travel #Rome #Italy #photography



The Tevi Fountain brings to mind the movie Roman Holiday, one of my favorites. Make a wish, toss a coin in, and watch what happens. Every night the coins are collected and given to a charity.


The Piazza del Popolo is easily identified by the twin churches found there. Close scrutiny reveals that the two churches are not exactly the same.

Our Time in Florence #travel #Florence # Italy #photography



The famous Ponte Vecchio spans the Arno River and is filled with shops for tourists. It is the only bridge in Florence not to have been destroyed during the German retreat in World War Two.


The Palazzo Pitti, once owned by the powerful Medici family, now is the home to the largest museum complex in Florence.