All Roads Lead to Rome #travel #Rome #Italy #photography



The Tevi Fountain brings to mind the movie Roman Holiday, one of my favorites. Make a wish, toss a coin in, and watch what happens. Every night the coins are collected and given to a charity.


The Piazza del Popolo is easily identified by the twin churches found there. Close scrutiny reveals that the two churches are not exactly the same.

One thought on “All Roads Lead to Rome #travel #Rome #Italy #photography”

  1. I love the Trevi Fountain. There is a small little fountain off of the side of it, which you can drink from, and I was told that if you drink from it, you find the love of your life within a year. I think it’s a pretty cool little legend too. (14 months after drinking from it I met my wife, so I’m not sure if that’s the conversion rate, or the magic is fading a little, but it’s pretty cool anyway!)

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