Excerpt from Venture by Nia Markos #amwriting #UrbanFantasy #YoungAdult #RRBC #RWISA #IAN1

Walking down to the beach, the full moon lit my way. I was standing where Aidan usually stood, facing the lake, alone in the twilight. Blocking out all the sounds around me, I focused on Aidan’s essence, feeling his loss of fight. Guilt of what I had done to him ate away at me. I had to find him, had to make things right between us. Our link was still there, but was growing weaker. It was as if he were slowly cutting his ties with me.

“You will have to leave without them knowing.” Elron’s voice cut into my thoughts.

He had stepped next to me, soundlessly, his appearance surprising me. I must have been too preoccupied to notice his arrival. I knew he was right. The others would not let me go alone. I would have to leave without them knowing.


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