#RRBC Review of Bess’s Magical Garden by M. E. Hembroff 4 Star

Bess's MAgical Garden

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Bess’s life has been upturned by the death of her father, her slow recovery from polio and the recent move to Pineview. Being away from her best friend, Megan, who lived next door and was her companion, is also painful for her.

Soon after arriving at their new home, Bess starts hearing whispering voices and sees the ghostly appearance of a young girl in the garden, where she spends her days working on weeding and planting.

Throughout the summer months, the time spent in the garden hastens her recovery. She makes friends with a neighbor girl, Josie, and a cat that follows her around.  As they discover hidden items in the garden, the mystery of who the ghost girl is, draws them further into the mystery.

This book is a short read with only 74 pages. It is a great read for children between the ages of 7-14. The lessons of overcoming loss, the importance of friendships, are but a few of the things the author touches upon. Also, for me, it might just motivate younger readers to go outside, enjoy nature and forget about social media for a while.



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