Time to Focus on the New Book


So not much writing is being done at the moment. Still only at seven chapters completed. With my first trilogy completed, I find myself either on twitter or facebook. At some point, I will have to pull away and focus on Elleanor and the mystery of who killed Eve. Brant is also waiting to discover how Elleanor is still alive after centuries of thinking her gone.

I know I have to leave my previous characters in The Crystal Series to find their audience but after so much time invested in them, it is hard to let them go. It’s like the first time you leave your kids at daycare. You know they have to stand on their own, but you want to hover over them to make sure they don’t get harmed.

Next week. I will start up again next week. The cover for the first book in my ongoing series is done. (See above) The storyline is outlined and I need only develop it further. It’s time to put the focus back on that.

I would love any comments on the book cover or how you deal with finishing a book.


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