It is getting close to the end of the Crystal Series. Final editing on the third and last installment is going well. There is always something more to add.  I find myself wondering if I could have gone another way. In the end, the characters themselves drove the story. I let them guide me to the final outcome. I am somewhat sad to say good-bye to them. Knowing I have new characters to help grow and create lets me look forward to what lies ahead.
     Yes, a new continuing series is in development. This one will be ongoing. The characters will get to live for quite a while. That’s why I am focusing on developing them fully before I start to write their stories. Based on mythology, paranormal and mysteries, this one will follow a lead character through the ages. From ancient Greece, to present day New York, my heroine will have finally accepted her fate. Working alongside her investigative team made up of a vampire and a faerie, she will use her powers to solve crimes committed by the paranormal elements in her adopted city. Only the arrival of a past love, one she believed dead centuries ago, will throw her.
     Looking forward to more? Keep in contact for more news.

     Have a great Tuesday!!!



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